The Jeans Look and The Genuine Tastemaker

Emmanuelle Alt-the jeans look 
I was recently asked in an interview what my daily style was. Classic, simple, relaxed would be the general definition, and if I were to choose just one look that best reflected that, I would have to say that I feel my best when I’m wearing jeans, high heels and a shirt, or a blazer with a simple t-shirt underneath: a good balance between feminine and easy-going. And because I don’t do personal outfit posts, the best example is showing the one who, in my opinion, carries the look best, Emmanuelle Alt.

And here is where the tastemaker part comes in. Because when it comes to personal style, I am more and more reluctant about accepting the general opinion of personal outfit bloggers as inspiration (there are hardly any I pay attention to). Even the ones with an understated taste, similar to my own, often seem unnatural, because the simple fact that they photograph themselves with the clear purpose of showing off the clothes they are wearing (and labeling them) makes me cringe.

My friends with impeccable taste but who don’t have blogs, the beautiful women I see in the street, inspiring women from different fields of activity which have nothing to do with fashion, but who show a fantastic sense of style, or fashion insiders who don’t want their outfits to have a stronger voice than themselves and whose pared-down personal styles often completely ignore trends and still remain relevant – these are the real style role models for me and the ones worth looking up to. The clothes they wear are not taken out of the context – these are real women leading real lives, having more interesting stories to tell than the clothes they put on in the morning. And that’s why those same clothes end up by having something to say after all.
Emmanuelle Alt-the jeans look

photos: A Love Is Blind

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