The Gentleman

The Gentleman's Wager II 
There is this moment in the The Gentlemen’s Wager II short film when Jude Law offers a lady, whom he gives a ride because her car broke down, a scarf as windbreaker. He has one in his car especially for that kind of moments, in case they might occur. The entire film is beautiful, classic and funny – a classic racing car (the Delahaye 135 S, which is the prize of the wager), well dressed men, breathtaking Italy, small acts of kindness and gratitude that go a long way – but that was the moment that had me say, yeap, a gentleman would have that in mind, too.

Jude Law: “The Gentleman’s Wager II evocatively captures how the act of giving and expressing gratitude can deliver great joy. I’m a big believer in joy fuelling progress.”

photo: Johnnie Walker

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