The Game

The Game 1997 
In six weeks of parenthood we have finally managed to watch a movie. Spread throughout three evenings, true, but it’s still something. For two movie aficionados like my husband and myself, this feels like seeing a film a year. But that’s all part of the fun we were kind of expecting.

We chose to revisit The Game (1997). A psychological thriller is a great way to unwind (or is it just me?) and this is one of our favourite films of the 90’s (there are not that many). Michael Douglas, as Nicholas Van Orton, is a rich man in obsessive control of his life. On his birthday, his brother, Conrad (Sean Penn), gives him a present, The Game, a personalized, real life game, a programme operated by a shadowy company, and his life soon becomes unmanageable, a complete nightmare. The film, directed by David Fincher, has an intelligent and unpredictable plot, is well-paced, and provides one of Michael Douglas’ best roles (alongside the one in Falling Down). He’s so good at portraying arrogant, smart, cold Van Orton without overplaying the evolution of his character though. The suspense and the chatacter’s paranoid vision remain intact and are skillfully orchestrated until the end.

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