The French and the Military Shirt

Emmanuelle Alt military shirt 
Part of the appeal of the military shirt has to do with the fact that it looks so good on women. And French women do know how to wear one. Deceptively simple, keeping everything pared back, that seems to be the only rule. And a whole lot of je ne sais quoi.

PS: Autumn is the best time for a military touch in the sartorial department, don’t you think so? A little reminder to sit up straight, if anything.
Emmanuelle Alt military shirtEmmanuelle Alt does the perfectly tucked-in, perfectly rolled-up sleeve, perfectly buttoned-unbuttoned pockets. Fitted with a pair of skinny’s, of course, be it leather or denim.
Garance Dore military shirt

Garance Dore j crew Garance Doré walks that fine line between style and functionality like no other (with feminine jewellery, like one turquoise drop earring and a turquoise bracelet in the first photo, and a floral printed skirt in the second).
Morgane SezaloryMorgane Sezalory, founder of Sézane, was recently naming the shirt as her fashion obsession. I am inclined to agree, as far as I am concerned. She sports the military shirt with blue jeans with extreme ease, and the white and denim shirts (all three well established classics, and I am sure she can set an example in an Oxford blue, too) just the same.
photos: 1-Thestreetfashion5xpro / / 3-RL magazine (there is a nice video there, too) / 4-Scott Schuman for J. Crew’s Hello, World! campaign, 2012/ 5-L’Express

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