The Enduring White T-shirt

It brings out your personality, because you can make it your own. It has the simplicity of those understated things that bring so much significance to the everyday. It looks at home paired with blue jeans, but, really, its appeal remains timeless even when sported with a tuxedo. The endurance of the white t-shirt is rooted deep into the modern culture, with extended associations in film, as I always like to point out when it comes to so many elements of style. Coming across these two images from the film world, from the 60’s (Romy Schneider, to the left) and the 70’s (Catherine Deneuve to the right), I am reminded that the white t-shirt is always relevant and how good it has always looked.

photo by me from the book FashionBox: The Immortal Icons of Style / left: Keystone-France (Romy Schneider in Les choses de la vie, 1969); right: Picot/Gamma/Ryedea (Catherine Deneuve in Bahamas, 1975)

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