The Collection That Stood Out at NYFW: The Row

The Row Spring 2015 
There are designers like Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Jason Wu who may not always hold an element of surprise in their collections, but it’s their well-established, individual, practical styles that I admire and appreciate, without feeling that I’m missing out on something if they don’t come up with anything new every season.

And there are collections that stand out. They may not be that easy to be worn off the runway, but they are beautiful to look at, they take you by surprise and raise a thought or two. And the one collection that stood out at NYFW was, in my opinion, without a shadow of a doubt, The Row. I’ve only gradually taken interest in the Olsens’ brand, but I’ve always respected their particular aesthetic. And their type of minimalism seems to have reached new heights this time. A relaxed, composed and unitary collection, in a beautiful, neutral colour palette, with impeccably executed details, like the draping and wrapping, and an overall appeal that was so refreshing in a sea of shows that failed to deliver any kind of message at all.
The Row Spring 2015-2 
The Row Spring 2015-1The Row Spring 2015-6
The Row Spring 2015-3
The Row Spring 2015-7The Row Spring 2015-5 
The Row Spring 2015-8

Why don’t we see more of the backs of the designs in collections?

photos: / 8-Garance Doré

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