The Classics I live in Right Now

paris fashionweek fw 2014, day 3 
It’s like this: at the moment my outfits gravitate around blue, grey, black, white and browns (although I am looking for a pair of high heeled burgundy pumps as a pick-me-up finishing touch). Not that my wardrobe is too colourful anyway. And not only is my autumn colour palette limited, but it is mainly composed of the things I truly love, not very many, but true classics.

Jeans – black and blue, white shirt, beige trench and my Isabel Marant pour H&M charcoal coat (which, when the weather turns for good, I would love to swap for a below-the-knee navy coat like the one in the photo above – such a flawless look that is!), fedora hat, my brogues or Derby shoes whenever it’s rainy (like it is these days, when I can’t wear my high-heeled pointed-toe black pumps – my first choice), one of my favourite light wool scarves stolen from my husband, timeless sweaters (V-neck grey sweater, camel cashmere turtleneck, and my favourite one, a boat-neck big knit yarn navy pullover), and the only little black dress in my closet appropriate for the season, which I’m afraid I will run out of ways of styling it very soon. And last but not least, something I always insist upon: invest in a good umbrella! I don’t like to use the word must-have, but this accessory really is!

You have certainly noticed that the looks here are menswear-oriented, and you are right in believing that some of mine are too. You may know by now that I hate having my photo taken, which is one of the reasons I don’t do outfit posts. That, the fact that I don’t like the idea of constantly connecting someone’s personal style to the labels on one’s clothes (no matter how high end, vintage or high-street they are) and that I do think that it’s much more suggestive and further-reaching to get the message I want to transmit through by illustrating my blog posts with the best photographs I find, which must also faithfully reflect my own personal style. But back to classics and men’s style, I constantly find myself learning something new in that department. “Buy less, choose wisely.” Vivienne Westwood
The Brogues

Fall classics-wool scarf

Fall classics-Sweaters

Fall classics-Black Dress

photos: 1-A Love Is Blind / 2-Park & Cube / 3-by me / 4-Massimo Dutti / 5-Ann Street Studio

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