The blazer

One of those indispensable pieces that hold the wardrobe together season after season. As an adept of visual contrasts, I like to mix styles and usually wear the blazer with jeans, a basic t-shirt and high heels, so who better to exemplify this look than Emmanuelle Alt, the personification of simplicity and unstudied femininity and of whose style Ralph Lauren says that is ‘always original, part street, part romantic, very personal – and very French’?

I haven’t randomly chosen these three styles Emmanuelle is sporting. I love the lean silhouette, subtle shoulders and tuxedo-lapels of the first one (that entire look is perfect in my opinion), the army inspiration – it goes without saying – of the navy blazer and the sculptured shape with the strong shoulders and 3/4 sleeves of the black one. She wears them well, doesn’t she?

Black, navy (military style-a must) and white. Yes, I think every woman should own not one, but three blazers, in these classic colours. The length can vary, depending on taste and figure, but one thing must not: the cut. The perfect blazer is impeccably tailored. A sharp, clean line, of a military precision if you like, gives shape, helps your posture and makes you more confident once you put it on. And it works like magic not only with jeans, but a very feminine dress or a silky skirt and printed tee as well. The blazer is one of those items you don’t buy, but invest in. Any recommendations?

photos: 1-Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue US, September 2011, edited by me / 2-Carolines Mode / 3-JAK & JIL

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