The big country

Matching country with city in the classic tweeds, plaids and checks. The autumn/winter season always brings along a fascination for the great outdoors (or is it just me?). I think every season has its tricks in awakening our sense of adventure and I like the lesson we’ve been given this time in blending modern functionality with traditional fashion styles, wilderness with glamour.

A distinguished collection, Daks impressed me with its pared-back elegance: the interesting outerwear (you kind of expect this given its English heritage), the lovely camel high boots, that sleeveless checked dress beautifully accessorised, the idea of embracing winter white with the skillful tailoring of those fabulous palazzo pants paired with a simple turtleneck: built for hosting a cocktail party at the country estate, but standing out on the streets too.

And there is the exuberant comfort at Michael Kors, with its chic sportmanship, but not forgetting for one moment that rustic can be luxurious too. Blanket-plaid ponchos with deep fringe, chunky cable knits, voluminous furs and have you seen those beautiful sleeveless tweed and lace knit dresses? I could do without the chunky shoes though.

I’m leaving Ralph Lauren out, because I don’t want to become too repetitive, but you can read my thoughts on his Fall 2012 collection here.

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend and that your week is off to a great start!

photos: 1-5: Daks Fall 2012, / 6-10: Michael Kors Fall 2012,

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