The ‘Ada effect’

Hello! It’s Christel here from Captivated by image . Ada asked me to make a guest post for her while she is off having fun on her vacation. I felt very honored and did not consider for one second to say yes. Ada has an incredible talent and that is that she is capable to mesmerize me with her every single post and her beautiful writing style. Maybe saying this I’m speaking for you as well;) She holds true to every sense of the word Classiq, showing her strong, powerful and undeniable sense of style. I always wonder how she does it again and again and again. Trying to capture that feeling I chose these images to show you today. Hoping they’ll have an ‘Ada effect’ on you.  Isn’t that girl extraordinarily beautiful? Or the bedroom perfect in a subtle chic way? And the flower with its layered leafs gives an instant feel of joy, doesn’t it?

photos: 1-via tumblr / 2-Everything Fabulous / 3-via tumblr

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