The 39 steps (1935)

by guestwriter

The 39 Steps is one of the greatest British thrillers directed by Alfred Hitchcock in the 30s. Being built around one of Hitchcock’s favourite themes, the wrongly accused, the movie tells the story of Richard Hannay (Robert Donat) who just happens to be present when a murder is committed in his apartment. The story line involves spies, traitors and a human genius able to remember all sorts of data, including a secret code of a vital importance. Hannay is being chased by the police every step of the way from England to Scotland and back. On his journey, trying to find the real murderer, he encounters obstacles, one of which a beautiful blonde, Madeleine Carroll. She doesn’t believe in his innocence and tries to betray him. That is at first. The love story and the characteristic English humour are two more components which complete the film.

Sir Alfred Hitchcock used to draw on paper every scene before filming a movie all his career. This allowed him to know how the final product will look like and it did not leave enough space for mistakes. Welcome to Hitch’s first masterpiece. March is dedicated to the master of suspense.

“The 39 Steps” (1935) este prima capodopera realizata de Alfred Hitchcock in Marea Britanie. Un amestec de ingrediente specifice filmelor sale: acuzatul pe nedrept, urmarirea, blonda frumoasa, povestea de dragoste si umorul britanic. “Cele 39 de trepte” a ajutat la conturarea genului thriller in anii ’30 si este considerat un punct de inspiratie major de o serie de cineasti de talie mondiala ca Francois Truffaut, Claude Chabrol, William Friedkin. 

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