That kind of autumn

Cozy knits, beautiful coats in elegant shades of grey, checked woolen scarves and shorts, leather jackets over printed dresses, thick tights, caramel boots, nude and black lace-up booties, carry-all totes, rollneck pullovers and a newcomer maybe, a red coat in military style perhaps, all these are shaping up a stylish autumn. But these are the last days of September and I haven’t even worn my favourite trench yet. We’ve been spoiled with warm and sun-drenched days the entire month, but I feel it’s time autumn came at last, when the weather cools a bit so that I can finally bring back into rotation my fall wardrobe renewed with a few key pieces. Because if it goes on like this I’m afraid this season will again play a trick on us, surprising us with a drastic shift in temperature and make me no longer look forward to taking up long walks through the rusty and ocher fallen leaves, but dream of roaring fires indoors and Christmas gift wrapping.

A few more scoops of style, fashion, design and film: 1. Paris By Two: one endless photogenic city captured by two talented photographers, a new photography blog, already one of my favourites / 2. a beautiful discovery: Saipua / 3. Emily Blunt: the new face of Yves Saint Laurent’s Opium / 4. a witty collection of fashion quotes: Fashion Bites illustrated by Vic Riches / 5. two film books on my order list: The Ingmar Bergman Archives and Hitchcock: A Definitive Study of Alfred Hitchcock by François Truffaut / 6. an amazing video made of over 10,000 pictures taken in California throughout a period of 1 year and a half / 7. I’ve made a passion for the interior photography of Rachel Whiting

I hope you had a beautiful weekend and that your week is going to be a wonderful one!

photos: Sasha Pivovarova in Reserved campaign fall-winter 2011, discovered via Fashioned by Love

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