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Jennifer Neyt Emmanuelle Alt 
I am one of those persons who has never had that kind of fascination with French style. The kind of fascination that implies that possessing an innate sense of style comes with the territory just because you are French. I have equally been drawing inspiration from anywhere, be it of French, American or Scandinavian origins.

But watching Isabelle Huppert on the Oscars’ red carpet (wearing Armani Privé), looking like a glamorous star from the 1940s and overshadowing, once again, in beauty, elegance and class, every other actress present there, young and old, made my admiration for her skyrocket once again and it made me want to shout “America, take notice!” in the dead of night (it was past 2 a.m. our time) (I think I may have let out a few pretty loud ‘wow’s). And that was about the only exciting moment of the night. Oh, right, I didn’t catch that very last monumental bit that turned into a for-the-ages Oscars fiasco, “the greatest heist Bonnie and Clyde ever pulled”, as The Rolling Stone magazine put it. You might say that I went to bed knowing that La La Land had won (I called it a night too early apparently; nothing exciting had happened all night long, after all, and what was there to happen after they announced the winner?) and woke up to Moonlight winner of best picture (the unpredicted did happen, after all). But I digress.

A day after, I happened to come across the image above of the Vogue Paris team, my two favourite French fashion editors (personal style related), Jennifer Neyt and Emmanuelle Alt (it’s them in the second image, too), and Aleksandra Woroniecka. Do they all have style in spades or what? Rarely do I see such a cool looking bunch. Remember the Sartorialist’s Lunch for 25? I want someone to organise something similar for women, too, and invite these three, among others, Isabelle included, bien sûr (all just as natural and effortlessly looking, without forgoing individuality), who would make me speak about them in the kind of high terms I usually keep for men’s style. And men could take notice for a change.
Jennifer Neyt Emmanuelle Alt

photos: 1-Alexandra Chalaud / 2-Sandra Semburg

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