Taking Summer In Slowly

I used to get very enthusiastic every start of summer. This has always been my favourite season. And it’s not because of summer vacation. Long gone are the school days and now I hardly ever take a long holiday during the summer. But even as a kid, it was not the dolce far niente days I was looking forward to when summer arrived, but the fact that I had more time to do more of the things I wanted (much to the desperation of my mother when she saw me up before everybody else in the house even when the school was out – you see, I wanted to make the most of every moment of the long summer day). And today I tend to get more productive, work-wise, this time of year. This is actually what I love so much about summer. I think it’s particularly this general relaxed mood that takes a bit of the pressure off and surprisingly helps you get more things done. That’s exactly the reason why I enjoy combining work with pleasure on weekends, too.

But the thing is that I would always wait too long for summer to arrive, make too many plans and would be too disappointed if some of them fell through (which is only natural to happen), too often forgetting to enjoy the day just as it is. And just as with all good things in life, summer would always seem in a hurry to leave. A precious pocket of time I had dreamed of for too long and savoured too little. So this year I welcomed it on a more toned down note. A little less exuberance, but a lot more desire to seize the moment, not too many plans, I will just take what the season has to offer and disguise the simple joys that can be found in each day. Just like wearing your best, not saving everything up for a better occasion. Today should be as beautiful as tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

photo by me

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