Take or make a photo?

When asked by Italian Vogue’s editor Alessia Glaviano what he thinks about digital photography, Bruce Weber replied that he had nothing against it, but that he still uses film and will continue to as long as it exists because he loves the mystery linked with traditional photography and the film’s depth of field; he does not particularly like highly re-touched photographs as he relishes seeing the signs of the passing of time on people’s faces “I find an enjoyment in seeing the scars of life on someone, because I think if you’ve lived to tell it, so to speak, that’s an accomplishment in itself, I see the beauty of survival”. You can also watch a video with Bruce Weber on vogue.it

I have made the decision not to publish visibly altered fashion editorials and photography on my blog anymore, no matter how much I might like the story, the clothes or the model in it. I will always be for taking a photograph, even if it is with a digital camera, not making it. It’s becoming too painful to look at highly edited photos. The results have become so artificial (why this desire for artificiality and lack of individuality nowadays?) that I don’t understand how a photographer would want to link his name to that kind of work – the kind that fails to stir up any kind of emotion in the viewer.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that your week is off to a great start!

photo: Bruce Weber-Christy Turlington in CK Eternity Campaign / quote: vogue.it

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