Take-Me-Away Scarves

Santorini blueBird and Knoll-Santorini blue scarf
Good fashion has the ability to set us in a certain mood and even to transport us to other times and places. These beautiful Bird & Knoll scarves easily do that, too. Launched in 2013 by trans-Tasman based duo (Natalie Knoll in Australia and Macayla Chapman in New Zealand), the brand blends fashion, travel and photography in a unique way. Each oversized scarf, printed with an image of an emblematic destination photographed by Natalie herself, has its own story to tell: Santorini, Venice, Bali, India, Marrakech, Provence – it takes you away to one of these idyllic destinations when it unfolds and that’s what sets these gorgeous accessories apart. Still, when wrapped around your neck, the artful interplay of colours and graphics is so beautiful and eye-catching that it becomes a promise for the surprise inside – even if you are the only one who knows it, it is what makes it your daily luxury. And to make the travel complete, each photographic scarf comes with restaurant, lodging and shopping recommendations (on the online shop) for the city/location that inspired it.

Just look at that Santorini blue in the first set of photographs above! How faithfully the colour is reproduced! This could be the perfect accessory not only for travelling, but for our hot summers in the city, too, when the blazing sun makes the scarf indispensable. Concrete jungle sounds very appropriate, too.

What makes Bird & Knoll even more special is that it is a brand with a purpose. Through their charity, they are committed to support communities in the destinations they showcase on their scarves. It feels right when a brand’s beautiful garments match a good cause.






photos: Bird & Knoll | Click on images to enlarge

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