Swamp water (1941)

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Swamp Water was the first movie released by Jean Renoir in the US with 20th Century Fox. The storyline centers an escaped prisoner wrongly accused of a murder he didn’t commit. Walter Brennan plays Tom Keefer, the fugitive battling the law. The place where it all happens is a Georgian swamp. Here, Ben (Dana Andrews), a hunter, discovers the secret of Tom Keefer and falls in love with his daughter, Julie (Anne Baxter). The doubt and the suspicion upon Keefer’s guilt floats in the air and in the minds of the local people. The movie was filmed on location in Okefenokee Swamp Park, Georgia US. The cinematography, as one can expect, does not disappoint, with beautiful deep shots which help express the anxious atmoshpere and people’s fears. Swamp Water mixes in a successsful way a few genres like thriller, drama, western and film noir.

This concludes our talk about Jean Renoir for February. My selection has tried to cover as many decades in the director’s career as possible, hoping to raise your interest in Renoir’s filmography.

Incheiem luna februarie cu primul film realizat de Jean Renoir in SUA, Swamp Water (1941). Un mix de genuri reusit (drama, thriller, western, film noir), filmul spune povestea unui vanator, Ben (Dana Andrews), care intr-una din expeditiile sale prin mlastina georgiana, descopera un fugar, Tom Keefer (Walter Brennan), care se ascunde in acele locuri. Treptat Ben se indragosteste de fiica acestuia, Julie, Anne Baxter. Atmosfera tensionata si frica si indoiala din inimile localnicilor te tin in suspans pe tot parcursul filmului.

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