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I was determined to completely ignore the last night Golden Globes ceremony (I didn’t watch it for the first time in more than ten years and here is why), but I have to mention one thing: I am glad that Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri won four important awards (best film, screenplay, Frances McDormand and Sam Rockwell), and that Guillermo del Toro won best director for The Shape of Water (because this film is about the magic of cinema – we need to not give up dreaming).

And now on to what I really wanted to talk about today. Winter style… at a film festival. Now that sounds very real and authentic for a film lover who lives in the European Northern Hemisphere where winters can really get rough and last for months. Don’t get me wrong, just like any other girl, I like a little glitz and glamour now and then, and the reason why New Year’s Eve is not one of my favourite nights of the year is because my dream New Year’s Eve hasn’t been invented yet – going to the movies to a classy small cinema (black tie mandatory) and then stopping for drinks at an old school jazz club next door.
Sundance portraits 
But the truth is I’m a tomboy, so attending a film festival in the mountains in casual, comfortable, yet no less stylish attire (I’ve never considered winter to be an excuse to let sartorial standards slip) is something I can relate to much easier. So, as the Sundance Film Festival is a little over a week away (January 18th), let’s take a little inspiration for some classic winter style from who else than some rakish leading men and some stylish leading ladies and the snowy streets of Utah.

Robert Redford Sundance festival  
There is no surprise for anyone I guess that Robert Redford, the founder of the Film Festival himself, is part of the conversation. I have written about his seminal movies, his outstanding contribution to cinema and Sundance, his costumes in films like Three Days of the Condor, The Great Gatsby and his on-screen preppy look. But what is also worth talking about is his own contribution to style – like his denim-on-denim, impeccably rugged, Western-inspired American look. Because he has been wearing it better than anyone else for decades. Blue jeans with a jean shirt, aviators and boots – Robert Redford has made this really cool, functional, visceral, bare minimum, perfectly-weathered style his own, but these hallmarks seem to ring true especially when he’s at home in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains.

Sundance street style

Sundance street style
Sundance street style
I will let the images do the rest of the talking. Simplicity is the answer, even in winter. Take your style up by paring it down. Stay warm and look cool.
Sundance festival portraits

Sundance portraits

Sundance portraits  

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photos: Rex Shutterstock / Harper’s Bazaar / WhoWhatWear / Austin Hargrave for The Hollywood Reporter / AP Images/Invision (actors featured in order of appearance: 1-Dree Hemingway / 2-Robert Redford / 3-Rooney Mara / 4-6: Elizabeth Olsen / 7-Michelle Monaghan / 8-Aaron Paul / 9-Keira Knigthley / 10-Kristen Wiig / 11-Ethan Hawke)

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