Summertime + awards

As today is the first day of June summer is officially starting for me. And as summer is my favourite season I choose to talk a little about myself today. A couple of weeks ago I received the Kreativ Blogger Award and  One Lovely Blog Award (a related post here ) from talented LittleRus at Fashioned by Love , one of my absolute favourite bloggers. Her posts are so beautiful, inspiring and informative, her sense of fashion is incredible, but above all it is the passion she thoughtfully puts into every phrase she writes that she always succeeds to surprise me with. 

So yesterday, when I finally decided it was time to sit down, to properly thank her and share the news and the 7 things required about myself, I happily found out that I had also been passed on The Versatile Blogger Award by lovely Kate at Travelmoon . Her blog takes you on amazing trips around the world (her own personal experiences!) and makes me just pack my bags and feel free to take on any destination accompanied by her wonderful photographs and stories. A heartful thank you to both these amazing ladies.

1. When I was little I took ballet lessons. It’s not the story of my life, because it soon turned out I didn’t like it. Don’t ask me why.

2. I never leave the house without my watch. It’s my favourite accessory. With a simple and classic design, it is a symbol of elegance and seriousness. I prefer it to any jewelry.

3. One of my honeymoon destinations was the Amalfi Coast. This picture is taken from our hotel room terrace, looking on the Tirenian Sea. The landscape is magnificent: the beauty of the nature is amplified by the uniqueness of the houses and hotels built in the rock along the coast.

4. I love playing tennis. Roland Garros is my favourite Grand Slam. I’m hoping to see a Nadal-Federer final this Sunday:)

5. I hate don’t like Sundays. Knowing that everybody relaxes on Sundays just motivates me to do something different, maybe not work, but at least something creative or out of the ordinary.

6. I love calligraphy. Writing on paper somehow challenges my imagination. Sending handwritten birthday or Christmas cards is a special and beautiful gesture that I, for one, appreciate immensely.

7. My first passion (before fashion and classic movies) was reading. I used to spend a large part of my school vacations devouring book after book. I have much less time for reading now, but when I discover a captivating book I don’t leave it off my hands until I’ve finished it.

I would now like to pass all three awards to the following bloggers:

LittleRus at Fashioned by Love
Kate at Travelmoon
Mary Jo at Trust Your Style
Christel at Captivated by image
Sarah at Haute Design
Dawn at The Alternative Wife
Ashley at ashley nicole catherine
Nookie at Daily Dream Decor
Maria at design elements
Marta at With Love…
Monica at Classy & Fabulous
Lisa at LatteLisa 

Let’s have a fabulous summer!

images: 1-Todd Marshard photography / 2-Jason Christopher photography / 3-Karlie Kloss for Allure, March 2011, by Patrick Demarchelier/ 4-my own/ 5-Maria Sharapova for Tatler Russia March 2011/ 6-Iza Olak for Twój Styl, photographed by Aldona Karczmarczyk, styled by Maria Szaj/ 7-Marilyn Monroe, Life Magazine/ 8-Milla Jovovich by Carter Smith, via The Fashion Spot 

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