Summer Skin

My skincare and make-up routines are very low maintenance, even more so in the summer. However, there used to be two products I would religiously apply before leaving the house: the mascara and a little bronzer. Things stay a little different now, with a newborn in my life, when even my minimal beauty regimen can easily suffer due to the lack of time. And this is one thing I long for, because I do believe that make-up, while I am an adept of keeping it in the realm of less is more, is such a simple and successful mood-boosting trick.

So I was happy to discover a great substitute for it, which is also perfectly season-appropriat and which, unlike make-up, is like a pick-me-up for both myself and my sleep-deprived complexion, for whenever I need a revitaliser before going out. It’s the thermal water spray from Ivatherm, a skincare brand that uses Herculane thermal water, from the oldest thermal resort in Europe, well known for its anti-inflammatory and healing effects. I started using it for my baby in the morning (as cleanser), as well as during our daily walks (as cleanser, but also for hydrating and calming his sensitive skin) and quickly adopted it myself. I love it’s soothing and refreshing feeling it leaves on the skin.

photo: Alvaro Beamud Cortes for Harper’s Bazaar Germany, May 2015| Patricia Van Der Vliet styled by Caroline Lemble

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