Summer Reading List N°1

Summer has (unofficially) just begun, but that doesn’t mean we should waste any moment of it with light beach reading. In summer, just like in any other time of the year, I look for books that are less about providing a mere escape and more about involving you in life stories, immersing you in fantastic worlds, about enriching you and opening your mind. A celebration of storytelling in so many different forms.
Summer Reading List - Classiq Journal 

A few words on my favourite place to shop for books: Cărturești & friends (it’s also where I discovered the extraordinary universe of William Grill’s illustrations and his books, The Wolves of Currumpaw and Shackleton’s Journey – I am working on something special about the latter, soon to be revealed on Classiq). In May, Cărturești & friends was chosen Indie of the Month by The New York Review of Books, the first ever bookshop outside the US to have been featured in their newsletter. Deservedly so. For a look inside and a good talk about books and the art of bookshop keeping, you can read my interview with the man behind this wonderful world of books, discovery and dreaming. I hope you can all find a good independent bookstore near you and visit it often.
More book recommendations: Just Kids, by Patti Smith / The Measure of A Man, by Sidney Poitier / Akira Kurosawa: Something Like an Autobiography

Classiq Journal Reading List

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