Summer Hat

Cuyana summer hat  
A hat that can do beach or city without looking out-of-place. That’s the Panama hat that can deliver a tomboy edge to about anything, the ne plus ultra of straw hats, which I have previously talked more in detail about here. For this summer, Cuyana proposes an updated Panama hat, imbued with a contemporary feel, built with a structured crown and wide brim for ample shade. Urban suited, but also adventure-ready, because summer instinctively calls for some of that, right? It’s also a style that sparks a couple of cinematic references, which, quite naturally, are resorted to the safari style: Eleanor Parker in The Naked Jungle (1954) and Sigourney Weaver in The Year of Living Dangerously (1982). Fashion’s cinema inspiration never runs thin.
Eleanor Parker The Naked Jungle

photos: Cuyana / The Year of Living Dangerously, MGM / The Naked Jungle, Paramount Pictures

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