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Goop Label November edition 
I was watching My Man Godfrey (1936) over the weekend for a new project that’s been in the works and, at my already third viewing of the film (and second over a period of two weeks), one of the things that still stroke me the most about it (besides it being one of the best screwball comedies of all time, naturally) was the incredible sense of style of those times. Sure, it helped that the leading roles were played by Carole Lombard and William Powell, who imbue their characters with natural style and class, but it’s more than that. Style was a way of life back then. Maybe it was not practical to wear a tie for breakfast or a gown for dinner at home, but it sure put a spring into your step. Dressing well was first and foremost self-respect. And there is, of course, the sheer lure of the glamour. A beautiful winter coat over a delicate silk dress looks too good to not appreciate it for pure aesthetic purpose.

So when I saw this little number above reinterpreted by goop Label, I thought it too perfect, too timeless, too modern not to share it here. The innate elegance and glamour of the past and the practicality and minimalism of the moment, all wrapped in one look.

I’ve gathered a few more looks from the label, new and old, that speak a little bit more to my pronounced utilitarian side. They are all just as good, and ageless, but maybe a tad easier to pull off. But even this forever-in-jeans girl can not resist the glamour of a suit & tie moment. Given the choice, I’d take the challenge of it.
Goop Label collection

Goop Label November issue

Goop Label collection


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