Stylish traveller

I’m the first one to admit that I’m often a mess when it comes to travelling and leaving the safety and comfort of my everyday urban outfits. I always end up with much too many clothes in my luggage, half of which I won’t even wear and still panic when I realize I’m far from my closet and I haven’t packed exactly the things most suitable for the place and weather.

I remember a business trip a couple of years ago, when I travelled to Istanbul to attend a retail conference (I was working in the fashion retail at the time) and my problem was the same: as soon as I got there I felt that both my business and casual outfits were far from perfect. Again, my stylish key pieces I was so sure of when I left home didn’t seem that chic and appropriate after all. There was a girl in our group which I noticed, and everybody else for that matter, because she had the most carefully picked out outfits, meticulously chosen from top to bottom for every event and time of day, looking very comfortable and confident every step of the way. She had really succeeded in streamlining her travel wardrobe, something I still find impossible to do. So how do you travel? Any tips?

photos: 3,4-Corrie Bond / 1,2,5,6-Isabeli Fontana for Mango lookbook spring 2011-Fashion Gone Rogue / 7,8-Grant Harvey

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