Style: Sylvana Ward Durrett

Her stylish presence and relaxed elegance rapidly turned Sylvana Ward Durrett, Vogue’s Director of Special Events, into a style reference for me.  It’s the clutch and the entire effortless chic third outfit that first drew my attention (on Shin’s blog, Fashion Cappuccino ), it’s like that moment when you suddenly see in a shop that thing you’ve been waiting for and that you feel with great excitement that it was made for you and you have to have it without a moment’s delay. And when seeing all these five most covetable looks here I realized just how much I relate to her classic style, it’s like the core of my personal dress-code. This lady knows her accessories too, they’re the kind that improve with age. 

After all, what makes for great, ageless style? I once read in Vogue that “it’s about an eye, an attitude, an exquisite sense of judgement”, it’s about suiting the fashion to you. Wouldn’t you agree? Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

photos: , by Marko MacPherson

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