Style note: the white t-shirt

ralph lauren

I was going to compile a few images showcasing different stylings of the white t-shirt to illustrate this blog post, but then I came across these two photographs of Ralph Lauren and I changed my approach. Because Ralph Lauren shows us everything there is to know about the white t-shirt. It’s easy and immaculate, comfortable and informal, simple and understated, nonchalant and indispensable. It’s stylish, but it has nothing to do with fashion. It’s made for living and it has no age, no time. Ladies, you can use these photos as an exercise of imagination: take something masculine and make it exceptionally feminine. Or you can let it play the unexpected by pairing it with a suit. But don’t forget that you can always wear it in the most classic way of all: with blue jeans.

Ralph Lauren-1

There is a problem though when it comes to the white t-shirt. Yes, you’ve guessed: finding the perfect one. As with all the classics, an issue often stated on this blog. Although it’s a style staple in my wardrobe, it’s not one of those items I am willing to spend a fortune on. I’d rather buy two or three of the same model when I find one that I love. My favourite right now is a Zara linen tee, which I bought two of last year, and I am happy to report that, after constant wear, it’s still in good shape. I love the fabric in it (sometimes cotton t-shirts have that home-wear look that I prefer to stay away from), linen is always effortless and chic. But I’m on an endless quest here, so if you have any suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them, especially if you recommend a brand that has a permanent collection of white t-shirts.

photos: (scanned by me from the book Ralph Lauren) 1-Bruce Weber, Jamaica, 1992 / 2-Bruce Weber, Jamaica, 1993

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