Style Note: The Leather Jacket

Style note-The leather jacket 
Stating that a leather jacket is an essential piece in a woman’s wardrobe isn’t exactly news. But this however does not implicitly mean that it’s easy to find that perfect one for you. Although I own a leather jacket, simple and very versatile, in brown, it’s not the one I’m dreaming of. So what would that be like? A first reference has to do with movies. That’s not exactly news either in my case. Kelly McGillis’ leather bomber jacket in Top Gun and Hilary Swank’s various styles in the role of Amelia Earhart in Amelia are at the top of the list, but there aren’t of course only women characters who have influenced my love for leather jackets. After all, it’s the menswear style inspiration that I first and foremost like about this piece of clothing – because I love to wear it with skirts, or dresses, or jeans and high heels – feminine/masculine in a flash. So there were Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes in his aviator leather jacket in The Aviator, James Dean who was rarely seen without his Schott Perfecto jacket, Gregory Peck in his A2 jacket in Twelve O’Clock High, Indiana Jones’ worn bomber in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Robert Redford in Spy Game, Daniel Craig as James Bond in a brown Levi’s Vintage Clothing 1930s in Sky Fall. These are all biker or bomber models or variations thereof, all influences that have shaped my idea of the ideal one.

It also has to bear a bold shoulder, not too many zippers in sight, subtle design to work for different occasions, but cool enough to make its origins justice and add an edginess to your look. The Massimo Dutti bomber jacket version in the top image comes very close to what I have in mind, but too bad it’s from their previous autumn collection. The Mango shearling-lined leather jacket in the selection below also appeals to me. In any case, my search continues, and if you happen to be on the same kind of hunt, here are a few suggestions for every budget you might find helpful.


photo: Massimo Dutti Autumn/Winter 2013 ad campaign (edited)

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