Style note: the denim shirt

Garance-Doré by-The-Brander

I’m on the hunt for a true classic denim shirt. I haven’t worn one since high school and forgot all about it in my early twenties, when I experimented so many styles (you’d be surprised). Then, as I was approaching thirty, what previously seemed not me at all suddenly looked right and my personal style finally began to take shape. It’s so easy now, because I know exactly what I want and what works for me. And the denim shirt certainly fits all the criteria: simple, versatile, enduring. It should be one of the bedrocks of any wardrobe.

glamourai_MiH denim shirt

denim shirtJane-Keltner-by-Hanneli-Mustaparta
It seems that lately I’m all about classic American style. The denim shirt has deep roots in the American history, but its appeal is truly universal. And how could it not be? Durable and resourceful, cool and practical, it goes with everything and works every season. It’s certainly earned its place in the select area of timeless pieces. It feels so crisp and polished paired with shades of camel, mustard and beige (I’m thinking of teaming it up with a pair of nude wide-legged linen trousers for the summer). In a sloucher cut, it’s the perfect companion to skinny jeans (I’ve been abusing these lately). You can wear it buttoned up with a statement necklace or paired with jeans for a denim-on-denim look (it works!). Or you can choose a fancy skirt if you love contradiction as I do.

Lauren Hutton Vogue May 1979charlotte rampling

style heroine-topshop denim shirt

9to5Chic double denimemmanuelle alt-denim shirt

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MiH denim shirtNow the only problem is to find the perfect denim shirt. Why do I have the feeling it’s going to be just as hard as finding the perfect white t-shirt or the perfect white shirt? All classic pieces, but which continue to be so elusive. Designers send an infinite number of clothes on the catwalk every season, but when it comes to the most important items, the ones style should be founded on in my opinion, it becomes next to impossible to find them. It’s one of the reasons I always visit the menswear departments. Men’s clothes seem to be designed with style in mind, whereas women’s clothes are more about the fleeting fashions. It’s my way of rebelling against trends. I like this simple, androgynous shirt from MiH Jeans. It looks like a true classic.

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