Style note: equestrian

It’s only natural that we are more inspired by a fashion pictorial or a film than by the runway. Clothes dress a character and I think that their most important role is to help us express ourselves. It was once again a film that made a great impact on me when it came to a certain style and brought it back to my attention. This time it was Betty Draper in Mad Men. I’ve only recently started to watch the series (because I usually stubbornly stay away from anything that’s very popular), but I can honestly say that I’m already a fan (at least so far anyway). Back to January Jones’ character, her equestrian outfits are flawless and the way she carries them is exemplary.

It’s the simple, strong silhouette I love about this style, the tailored precision, the posture it demands, the absence of unnecessary embellishments drawing focus to the details, to the heritage accents. It’s the very polished look with an aristocratic air, but without the stiffness, but rather a refined country, sporty feeling and the freedom that goes with it.

It doesn’t have to be a total-look, where would we be wearing that? Accessories are perfect to lend your look a sleek and elegant equestrian vibe. There are the stirrup jewellery, bracelets and belts, a saddle bag or even just a tassel, scarf or a quilting on the glove and, of course, the classic riding boots (Ralph Lauren– or Burberry-like), a wardrobe staple. The straight cut (no laces) and low heel are what makes them elegant and comfortable at the same time. They are the perfect footwear for the cold season, when you can either match them with a lighter dress or pair them with skinny jeans tucked inside.

Every few seasons, the equestrian style makes a return to the spotlight. But I’m not writing about it because it’s in trend this autumn. I like to write about clothes that have the ability to cross the line from fashion to style. Because style has a personality of its own, we recognize it when we see it, it’s there to stay, regardless of what seasonal fashions dictate. This fall the designers have interpreted the riding themes so beautifully. From the bit and bridle detail jacket at Etro, double-breasted tweed coat with inner-sleeve patches, scarf dresses with riding motif prints, elegant boots and helmets at Tommy Hilfiger, to the most modern equestrian interpretation at Givenchy: satin jodhpur-shaped pants, knee-high boots with heel-covering sheaths, giant disc earrings, turtlenecks and tailored jackets.


Tommy Hilfiger


Wishing you all a wonderful week!

photos: 1-4: Richard Phibbs for Town and Country September 2011, ‘Beautiful creatures’ editorial styled by Xanthipi Joannides/ 5,6: Etro AW 2012, 7-10: Tommy Hilfiger AW 2012, 11-14: Givenchy AW 2012,

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