Style note: cufflinks

They represent a touch of character, an effortless glamour, an element inspired from the men’s wardrobe that looks so good on a woman, just as the tuxedo does. Cufflinks. An elegant accessory or a unique piece of jewelry that has the power to personalize your look, for a superb flair.

But one women still don’t give that much attention to as I was talking to Ingrid from Life and Luxury a few weeks ago. We are both looking for French cuff shirts and have realized how poor the offer is. I have the same problem with ladylike cufflinks. In fact I hardly found something even online (except for Thomas Pink) when I searched for images for this post. Do you wear cufflink shirts? If so, where do you shop?

photos: Ralph Lauren Fall 2011,, edited by me /2-Borsalino cufflinks / 3-Hausmann & Co cufflinks, both via

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