Style note: aviator

She made history as one of the first female aviators in the world and as the first aviatrix to fly solo over the Atlantic. For decades now Amelia Earhart has been gracing the pages of fashion history too. The fashion world has had an enduring fascination with Amelia, with her daring spirit, her tomboy appearance, her leather jackets, silk ties, jumpsuits and trousers. She was one of the style liberators for women, along with Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich. The androgynous chic type that would blend so well in the contemporary fashion, but which back then was groundbreaking.

Trousers may be key to an Amelia Earhart look (you can’t go wrong with elegant straight-cut pants, turtleneck pullover and shearling jacket-see above), but what I also love is a more feminine take on the style, like pairing a leather jacket with a woolen pleated skirt or dress, or, even more appealing, wearing a bomber jacket with a silk evening gown.


The Ralph Lauren Fall 2005 collection is one of my favourite Ralph Lauren collections to date (unfortunately I couldn’t find high resolution photos available, but you can view it here). It had that ingredient I long for in fashion and that Amelia Earhart glamorously embodied: a perfect marriage between luxury and utility, emphasizing so well the elegance and cinematographic style of the ’30s. Another collection that paid a beautiful tribute to the first lady of the air was Hermès Fall 2009. From leather pencil skirts, trenches and bomber jackets to jumpsuits, aviator hats, goggles and bias-cut satin dresses, in grey, black, russet and purple tones, Jean Paul Gaultier created a complete and timeless aviatrix wardrobe, a collection that would stand the test of time and serve as inspiration for your adventurous spirit for years to come.


Happy Monday! I hope you have a great week ahead of you!

photos: 1-clockwise from left: Peter Lindbergh for Le Monde D´Hermés catalogue, Fall-Winter 2009 / Diary of a Collection by Ralph Lauren / Ray-Ban / Ralph Lauren Fall 2005 / Amelia Earhart in 1928, source unknown / Peter Lindbergh for Harper’s Bazaar, July 2009 / Ralph Lauren Blue Label Fall 2012 / 2-5: Peter Lindbergh for Harper’s Bazaar, July 2009; Heidi Mount in ‘Fashion Takes Flight’ / 6-9: Hermès Fall 2009

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