Style in Film: Eva Green in Casino Royale

Fifty years ago this October, James Bond began to make movie history. I don’t know about you, but I, regardless of many disappointments, am looking forward to every new Bond movie. So I’ve decided to celebrate Bond’s style on Classiq as well, starting with a Bond girl, the best and certainly the most stylish one in my opinion. Eva Green was perfect for playing the complex character of enigmatic and seductive beauty Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale (she won the BAFTA Rising Star Award for her role) opposite Daniel Craig. She’s the first Bond girl written by Ian Flemming, different from all the others: “she’s the only woman that Bond falls in love with, and she shapes him and she’s going to have a great impact on his life. He’s going to become the Bond that we know, and that makes it interesting.”

Casino Royale‘s romantic subplot stems from the love-token Vesper is wearing throughout the film. The Algerian Love Knot necklace was designed by Sophie Harley and so were the beautiful earrings Eva is wearing, which complement so well her elegant wardrobe.

It’s been much talked about the Roberto Cavalli backless purple dress in the film, but my favourite remains this Versace black gown with boned bodice, strapped back and fishtail skirt, which is paired with a beaded black lace bolero at some point.

The word that best describes the rest of the outfits is timeless, that’s what makes Eva’s costumes stand out from all the Bond films: a black trouser suit and a cream skirt suit, both matched with a wide black belt, a black trench coat, a mariniere top (to which she wears a pair of Versace sunglasses), a knee-length ladylike green dress and a gorgeous red wrap dress she suggestively wears in her final scene. Vesper Lynd is the ultimate Bond woman: beautiful, sophisticated, clever, mysterious, as complex as it gets, and her wardrobe is the only Bond girl wardrobe elegant and elevated enough to stand up to James Bond’s, a sign of the importance she plays in his life: they are partners.


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photos: film stills captured by me, production credits
sources: Bond Lifestyle and Eva Green Web / quote by Eva Green

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