Style, class and wit: Joan Bennett

Joan Bennett 1938

I’ve recently come across this photograph of Joan Bennett from 1938 and I was struck by its timelessness. I’ve seen many of Joan’s films and I loved her in all of them, her roles ranging from blonde ingenue in silent movies, to Fritz Lang’s favourite noir heroine and to warm-hearted wife/mother figure. She had style, class, grace and wit. I would like to read her book, especially after I’ve read her introduction:

“I do not believe that physical beauty is the end and all of being. But I do believe that a woman who has about her an aura of having made the most of her looks and of consistently maintaining her attractiveness—as much for her own self-respect as to win admiration from others—is a woman who is apt to tackle all the bigger problems of life with the same clear-headed thoughtfulness she has shown about herself.

Remember this: The woman who achieves day after day—whatever the other demands on her time and thought—an appearance that is pleasing to the eye need apologize to no one. Having learned how to make the most of herself in the realm of personal appearance, she will have learned the elements of bringing order and beauty into her entire life, and into the lives she touches.”

photo: source unknown, 1938

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