Style: Angelina Jolie in “The Tourist”

I saw The Tourist last week, I hadn’t read much about it before and it was a nice experience, one of its best parts, besides the pleasure of seeing Johnny Depp … act, being Angelina’s wardrobe. Salvatore Ferragamo designed some incredible shoes for Elise Clifton-Ward and he joined forces with Oscar winner costume designer Colleen Atwood (Chicago).

The result is very much to my likeness: a modern femininity, refined day dresses, a beautiful wrap, an elegant 50s style suit (I see what the designer means when she says that Alfred Hitchcock’s movies are a source of inspiration), long gloves, clutches (she wears only clutches, the most stylish type of bag there is), stunning evening gowns, jewellery with a vintage touch.  A collection which is as subtle as it is desirable, as sophisticated as it is seductive. The locations, Paris and Venice, also helped in adding one more drop of luxurious beauty to everything else: two cities filled with romance, and just the simple fact of being there seems to give you a good enough reason for wearing such timeless stylish outfits.


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