Street style: Eva Fontanelli

Yesterday I happened to browse through the book The Sartorialist and I came across the photos of Eva Fontanelli, editor at Elle Italia. It’s a pleasure to watch her: a wonderful smile, a very distinctive style, entirely her own, I see her as a person who loves to play with fashion and I love the fact that she wears ballet flats with the conviction with which other fashion editors wear high heels. “Eva somehow combines an Audrey Hepburn charm with the style of a budding star stylist. She has one of those personal styles that is maddening to try to describe. She can wear a look that on paper should never be tried, but that somehow on her just works – I mean, it just works. Well, with Eva don’t try to copy her, just try to enjoy the show.” Scott Schuman. True.

photos: 1,2- Vanessa Jackman , 3-7-  The Sartorialist

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