Stefanel: Feel More

Stefanel Spring 2014-11Stefanel Feel More Spring 2014 campaign-2 
Do you know that liberating feeling when you first step out in shoes on a spring morning after months of wearing boots? You may be a little cold, but the caressing afternoon sun makes it worth it. The same carefree feeling this Stefanel Spring/Summer campaign conveys. In line with the previous season, the Italian brand continues its beautiful #FeelMore stories: “In our chaotic world where everything is so fast, virtual and superficial, we need to take time out to look at things, getting back to the important things in life, like nature and the company of the people we love”, says Eleonora Stefanel.

The top left image reminding me of a Chloé advertorial, the idyllic and wild seaside landscape tying in with the mood and colours of the collection, and the radiant and natural woman it embodies are three more reasons that make me linger on this campaign and dive into their story and clothes.
Stefanel Feel More Spring 2014 campaign

Stefanel Spring 2014-13Stefanel Spring 2014-2 
The brand has always been among my favourites, and every Stefanel item I own has stood the test of time. Their skirts were the only ones I used to wear a couple of years back. Stefanel has always stood out through the quality of the fabrics and the aesthetics of the garments, and their collections seem to get better and better with each season.
Stefanel Spring 2014-1Stefanel Spring 2014-5

Stefanel Spring 2014

Stefanel Spring 2014-9Emily Didonato for Stefanel Feel More Spring Summer 2014 Campaign 
photos: Matt Jones, via Stefanel

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