St. Vincent

St. Vincent 2014 
How come Bill Murray wasn’t nominated to the Oscars for his role in St. Vincent? Again I am talking about the Academy Awards, but I can’t deny a certain interest I have in the awards season, and this year, as you may have noticed, I gave decided to cover a few of my favourite 2014 movies in these weeks leading up to the event. Besides, when it comes to the Oscars, their injustices and their very predictable favourites, I like to have my saying.

What is this obsession with beyond recognition physically transformed or psychopath characters that are set to become sure contenders to the Oscars? This year it’s Steve Carell in Foxcatcher, a very American film (I don’t mean it in a good way, you’ve guessed), a very American lesson that never seems to be learned. Perhaps a very good black parable of modern America, but one I’ve had enough of. All that I have kept in mind from Carell’s performance is his empty, deranged glare into the void. And then there is Bill Murray in one of his best roles, playing a more than ordinary man, leading a more than ordinary life (I’d like to see more of this American reality in films) and he does it with extreme naturalness, his characteristic, but refreshing sarcastic charm and contained humour, him alone managing without any kind of effort to keep your interest up, which is mainly what made the movie very enjoyable too.

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