Spotlight 2015  
What I probably liked the most about Spotlight were the performances of the entire cast (which makes me wonder why there aren’t more awards acknowledging the concerted effort of the actors in a movie – the film deservedly won the SAG award in this category, by the way) – their performances alone are the only thing preparing you for the importance and immensity of the story they are about to reveal. Spotlight (watch the trailer) tells the real story of the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative team from the Boston Globe that uncovered a decades-long scandal of child abuse within the local Catholic Archdiocese and the subsequent cover-up (at the highest religious, legal and governmental levels), that further disclosed other scandals within the Catholic Church around the world.

I have such appreciation for a movie that gets reporting journalism right and that depicts dedicated journalists so well doing what they do best. While watching the movie there were a few times when I thought the action was lagging (maybe because the story was so huge that I wanted the plot to get along and try to straight things up), but I realised that it was this exact detail (so cleverly thought out) – the characters’ slowly realization of just how big the news was – that built suspense and momentum. Just as Mark Ruffalo’s character (such a great role – but, really, they are all good), who goes from being a patient but tenacious investigator to a restless, berserked even, one who runs around to get his facts and screams at his boss. An absorbing film, with nothing extra to distract your attention but a bunch of first-class journalists doing their job, the best newspaper movie since All the President’s Men (1976).

photo: Anonymous Content / First Look Media / Participant Media/ Rocklin/Faust

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