Spellbound: Tiffany holiday window displays

Part of the beauty of this time of year is wandering the streets in the cold evenings and lingering in front of the breath-fogged holiday window displays. The ones evoking a magic world are my favourites. Mingled with children (of all ages), I can easily lose track of time in front of a fairy-tale display as this one at Tiffany’s from two years ago. As much as I would have liked to share something from this year, I couldn’t find anything more beautiful and creative than the art of Zoe Bradley. The fantasy world imagined by her and created from one of her signature materials, luxury paper, invites you to wallow in the spectacular and is bound to make you forget the time and place you’re in. Perhaps the only thing missing for the spellbound to be complete would be the snow covering the pavement and your boots as you forget to leave .

photos: Zoe Bradley website, Tiffany holiday window displays 2009

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