Some Came Running (1958)

by guest writer

Some Came Running opens our month dedicated to director Vincente Minnelli. A screen adaptation after the novel by the same name by James Jones, the film deals with the aftermath of WWII in a little American town in Indiana. The main character, Dave Hirsh, is a failed writer and an ex-soldier in the US army. Frank Sinatra delivers a great performance playing the lonely, unfulfilled Dave coming back to his home town after an absence of 16 years. Although taking a little over two hours, the film doesn’t stop surprising the viewer. From its initial social theme, Some Came Running surpasses the boundaries of deep American morality going to a melodrama structure.

You will be drawn by the use of colour in the film, which is very effective and in accordance with the characters’ moods. By using dark shadows over colour Minnelli accomplishes some stunning photography which is close to black and white movies. Shirley McLaine’s role as Ginnie Moorehead, a girl with nothing more to offer than good looks and a passion for Dave Hirsh, is absorbing and tremendously cute. And I was pleasantly surprised to discover Dean Martin’s acting very engaging.

photos: screen stills captured by Classiq; production credits

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