Snowy Days

Milan street style-Soren Jepsen
It snowed, and it snowed, and it snowed over the weekend. We had 7 degrees Celsius below zero, but because of the wind chill the temperature felt like minus 17. So what are you wearing when you are swimming in snow in the city? Let me start by saying that those boots you are thinking about (no, I won’t even mention their name) are out of the question, no matter how harsh the weather conditions may get. Last winter I swore them off, after I had compromised over and over again – my constant cold feet were the only excuse.

Yesterday I ventured and tried out my heeled pair of leather ankle boots and I was happy to discover that my feet didn’t freeze (the secret: the fur-lining and the additional lambswool insoles I always use in winter) and that my boots were still intact when I got home (waterproof sprays do work!). But I guess that until we get rid of the mountains of snow it will be safer to wear something like this.

My parka and quilted coats (a quilted coat is not always as unstylish as it sounds) will be a little harder to give up, because as much as I would like to trade them for a more elegant one, it’s difficult to find a classic wool outerwear that will keep you warm at -20 degrees, because they usually come without a shearling lining. On the other hand, it’s also true that sometimes you simply have to dress up, and the best solution I have found is a chic vest (not the bulky type, but one you won’t feel awkward to show up in even for a meeting) to go underneath your coat… and atop other chic layers.

So the idea is that I would like to look like this, …

winter style-3

…but will probably end up looking like this.

winter style-4

photos: 1-Søren Jepsen (The Locals) for Vogue Deutschland / 2-Vanessa Jackman / 3-Garance Doré

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