Simple Joys

Classiq-Simple Joys 
I hear more and more often people saying that they’re looking for a simpler way of life and that they are learning to enjoy the simple moments of happiness each day has to offer. It’s been a while since I started to approach more seriously the same lifestyle philosophy, and, in time, I’ve come to realize better that life has its own way of showing us how important it is to take the best of each day, not overlook the small pleasures and appreciate what you have. So here are ten things that always make me smile:

• When it’s sunny outside.
• When the lights go dim in the cinema at the beginning of a movie.
• When I receive in mail a newly ordered book.
• Whenever I call home and everyone is well and happy.
• When I find money I had forgotten about in my pockets.
• When my favourite song is playing on the radio as soon as I start the car.
• When I climb under freshly washed bed linens.
• When my husband makes jokes only the two of us understand.
• When I have fresh flowers in the house.
• When I’m having good coffee or tea.

What makes you smile?

photo: Park & Cube

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