Short Cut and the Right Hat

Benthe De Vries By Michael Sanders For Elle Italia September 2014 
Wearing a hat, an absolutely necessary accessory for me (and one I am very fond of) during the cold season, has proven to be much more difficult than I had expected with a short hair cut. A beanie is out of the question, and not even a newspaper-boy cap, my go-to type of hat before, is a happy choice most of the times. The only one that is indeed becoming these days is a fedora or a trilby. I have to say it’s growing on me day after day, because it has shown time and time again its ability to individualise every outfit, more than any other style of hat I used to wear. A true game changer. One’s personal style has to evolve constantly and trends play the smallest part in that.

photo: Michael Sanders for Elle Italia September 2014 | Benthe De Vries (wearing a Stephen Jones trilby hat) styled by Micaela Sessa, via Visual Optimism

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