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Almost three weeks ago I finally cut my hair short, an idea I’ve been playing with for a while (Erin Fetherston, above, and Charlize were my inspiration). I’ve never been a long hair heaven kind of girl, I have never cared for the look much, nor was it the one that suited me best. I’ve also never been of the opinion that I’m taking risks when it comes to a change of look. It’s something I feel very comfortable about and that comes naturally on a very regular basis. I had donned this sort of short styles before, but I had forgotten how good it made me feel. It’s very me, and, interestingly enough, it makes me feel more feminine than with longer locks. Many women would look better with shorter hair-cut (it doesn’t have to be a pixie cut), which enhances one’s features (think of the classic beauties Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe), if only they had more courage to go for it. Short hair is plain and simple sophisticated and sexy, when done right.

So what does a girl, who has recently cut her hair short, do when it comes to the rest of her personal look? She pays even more attention to details.

For start, in the past three weeks, since I made the change, I have been wearing heels more often than I had in the previous six months.

If I’m opting for a shirt, I’m looking to choose one in a more luxurious fabric, like silk, and I’m developing a keen interest in ruffle-fronted shirts.

I don’t wear earrings, so if I feel like adding some jewellery, a necklace is the answer. I love to wear one with my trusted white cotton shirts.

I always seem to need a new pair of jeans, and now it goes the same for dresses.

I wear my Aviators less and my Wayfares more.

For the first time in months I want to try red lipstick again, but it must be a healthy version.

I am trying out new hat styles.

I’d like to mention, however, that I don’t choose the heels and ruffles and necklaces because I think that without them my look isn’t feminine enough, but simply because this change has given me the impulse to bring other small changes into my style, which I’m wholeheartedly embracing (but, still, apart from the heels, they are far from becoming the norm). And, let’s face it, short hair cut with high heels looks so good!

And here are some of the best parts:

Every woman with a nice short hair style I see seems to have so much personality.

I don’t have bad hair days anymore.

It’s so easy to care for.

After 16 years I’m finally completely back to my natural hair colour (if only I knew in high school what I know now!).

I get more compliments than on any other longer hair-do I’ve tried.

Have I told you it feels great?

photo: Michael Beauplet, via Erin Fetherston

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