Shoes of the Moment

Clearly not exactly what I was expecting, my post-baby fashion choices have shifted quite considerably. I now need to be able to grab something 100% comfortable and low maintenance and just go, but I still want to look good and not like I only had two minutes to get dressed as if this was the last thing on my mind (which actually is). Footwear, for example, has a new meaning for me. My Converse sneakers (which are the only type of sneakers I don’t associate entirely with wearing only when doing some sort of physical activity, but which I still would very rarely turn to) have become one of the key words in my wardrobe and the number one option for our daily walks. Yes, shoe laces take precious time, you may point out, so it’s happened to leave the house with them untied – the important thing remains that these shoes are much more comfy than all my ballet flats. But if I am to wear sneakers, I still like to up my game, so I pair them with a dress most of the times. That’s what fancy is for me right now.

photos: left- Garance Doré/ right-The Sartorialist (both edited)

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