Shirt Stories: Jennifer Neyt

Shirt stories Jennifer Neyt 

You always notice the person wearing a great shirt. A classic that, for me, holds just as much appeal as a perfect pair of jeans. Shirt Stories is about others who feel the same, women and men, and who wear it well.

Among the skinny jeans uniformed French fashion editors (Emmanuelle Alt is still a favourite though), there is someone who refreshingly goes against the trend.’s editor-in-chief Jennifer Neyt is no stranger from the skinny denim, but just as often she embraces a wide legged nautical pair of trousers, a leather skirt, and even a floral dress sometimes. Everything remains in the simple, classic lines, but she approaches every outfit as an opportunity to make it her own.

It’s obvious that she also loves shirts, and, frankly, she’s one of those who wears denim on denim best. But I myself really took a liking to the way she wears the white shirt: A-shape black leather skirt (a much more inspired choice than a pencil skirt) and black pointed-toe pumps. Nothing revolutionary – quite the opposite, as black and white can so easily fall into a blunt look – but infused with so much more personality than the old white shirt-jeans pairing. I guess it’s also a matter of the wearer’s personality. She just knows how to make it work.
Shirt stories Jennifer Neyt 
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photos: 1-Mitograph / 2-Sandra Semburg

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