Set design: Something’s Gotta Give

How would the beach house of your dreams look like? Something’s Gotta Give is a great comedy, Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton star in it, which was good enough reason to go and see the movie for the first time. But I’ve additionally seen it a couple of times since then and every single time my attention was distracted and my enthusiasm for design was constantly being arisen by the beautiful Hamptons beach retreat – so stylish, peaceful and comfortable. I was exploring every piece of furniture and seeking inspiration in every decorating detail (I was almost leaning over to see what books there were on the bookshelves). The house, which to my surprise was a movie set in fact, not at all a real one, has nonetheless created a design frenzy and it inspired interior decorating all over the world, like this elegant, modern Manhattan apartment.

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images: here and here

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