Scott Schuman for Vogue Italia

More than once I have said that I like an editorial shot in a street style photography manner. Scott Schuman says in his book about his editorials shoots: ‘I often ask hair and make-up artists to stand down the street or around the corner so they are not popping in to touch up the subject between shots. Sometimes their perfection can lead to a perfectly boring shot.’ It retains the sense of reality, of someone familiar, the feeling that the face in the pages of the magazine can be the very person walking on the street beside you. Fashion photographers are exaggerating nowadays and the result is false, overly perfected and unrealistic images and the models have begun to look like porcelain dolls because of the extreme airbrushing and digital post-production techniques. I admit I like to see some glamour too when I buy a glossy magazine, but I don’t want to see a digital fantasy, but the skills of a professional photographer.

photos: by Scott Schuman for the August 2011 edition of Vogue Italia, fashion editor Patti Wilson, makeup artist Francelle Daly, hair stylist James Pecis, models Alexandra Richards, Theodora Richards, Poppy Delevigne, Vanessa Traina, Kiera Chaplin

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