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A simple gesture that can go a long way. I was raised up to say thank you, whether it was for a gift from a loved one, for a Christmas card from a distant relative, for a phone call from a friend who happened to ring just when I needed it the most, to the salesperson in the department store or to the farmer at the market. And I think December is as good a time as any other time of year to acknowledge this. But maybe this month makes us reflect more about the little things, which we sometimes take for granted or don’t give the value they deserve. Yes, it’s important to say thank you to your significant other for helping out at the house chores or for a delicious home-made dinner. Of course the gesture goes both ways.

As the holiday season is in full swing, I can not help thinking about the people working in the retail business. In our rush for Christmas presents we should remember to express our appreciation for their services. And as long as we’re on the subject, I’d like to add that given the fact that shopping this time of year can often result in long lines at the pay desk, I think it is a matter of respect to the other fellow shoppers to keep calm, refrain from shaking our heads and give nasty looks if this takes too long. Nobody likes it and be certain that you’re not the only one who has other urgent things to do. Always say thank you to the person behind the counter and do it with a warm smile even if you’ve had a bad day, it can count for a lot. One of the things that I hate the most is seeing people looking down at the salespersons in shops. Every honest job is important and worthy of your respect.

And the next time you have a nice hot cup of coffee and enjoy a cosy moment in your favourite café, where you order at the counter and are not waited on, therefore you don’t have to leave a tip for extra services, do clean up your table and take your empty cup when you leave to the designated spot for used dishes or make use of the recycling bins. The people working there will thank you.

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