Roman Polanski: A Retrospective

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Roman Polanski has been making films for more than five decades. But he has been in love with cinema for much longer. By the time he was twelve he had discovered a new world in cinema, which slowly became his entire life, overcoming every single obstacle thrown his way (and there were many) and relentlessly pursuing his passion. Polanski is a creative, with an aesthetic eye and technical mind, one who hones the art of true film-making, and to be able to grasp a little better his point of view and what it is that drives him to go on is an enriching experience, and not only for a film buff like myself. And this is what the book Roman Polanski: A Retrospective, by James Greenberg, does.

“There were times when the obstacles in my path were such that I needed all the fantasy I could muster just to survive.”

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The book, which includes succinct biographical information, mainly the director’s early life, and also covers his acting days and short films in Poland, is essentially a beautiful, comprehensive and aptly written retrospective of all of Polanski’s nineteen long features, from Knife in the Water (1962), to Venus in Fur (2013). The author draws in interviews with Roman Polanski to add more depth to each movie presentation, along with the beautifully reproduced stills from the films and behind the scene photographs. A wonderful volume that honours and rises up to this important piece of cinema.
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_ “I was enthralled by everything connected with cinema – not just the movies themselves, but the aura that surrounded them. I loved the luminous rectangle of the screen, the sight of the beam slicing through the darkness…the miraculous synchronization of sound and vision.”

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photos: by me form the book Roman Polanski: A Retrospective

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